Guillermo del Toro talks video games, “HAUNTED MANSION” & “MADNESS”

Originally posted on 2010-09-17 16:42:36 by Allan Dart

The James Brown of directors speaks up about some of the many, many, many projects he has in development. Check out the Hardest Working Man in Hollywood’s comments after the jump.

For the full video interview, you can go to Collider, but here are some of the conversation’s highlights.


* Video Games: del Toro has a video game deal that’s not yet announced. It will be three games to be made over 10 years with the goal of a new game every three years.

* HAUNTED MANSION: The film will be PG-13 and it will be a “dark ride.” A storyline was turned in last week to Disney along with the first few key concept drawings. MIMIC’s Matthew Robbins is writing, and he’ll start in about a month. Del Toro hopes to know if Disney will move forward on it in January. At that time he’ll figure out if he or someone else will direct it.

* AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS: STAR WARS’ Dennis Muren is designing the monsters, and he told del Toro: “You’ve never seen monsters like this.” Del Toro plans on talking to some H.P. Lovecraft scholars to get their input on the script. However, despite the involvement of James Cameron, the film isn’t greenlit yet, and del Toro realizes that the project has two big issues: It’s a hardcore R-rated movie, and it’s a horror tentpole with a big budget.

Stay tuned for more del Toro news on this site shortly, including a schedule of his book tour in support of THE FALL, Volume II of his THE STRAIN trilogy.

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