Guillermo del Toro’s Notebooks on display in new hardcover, “CABINET OF CURIOSITIES”

A new hardcover book, culled from the writings, sketches and collections of beloved filmmaker Guillermo del Toro aims to give illustrated insight into his vast imagination.

GUILLERMO DEL TORO CABINET OF CURIOSITIES is perhaps the next best thing to hanging out with del Toro, which sadly, the majority of us will never do. That means we’ll never get to visit his infamous Bleak House, which doubles as office and stunning tribute to all things macabre. You can see glimpses of that, and his detailed, inspired notebooks in the above trailer that acts as more than just promotion and points to why del Toro is so revered.

With CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, it seems del Toro is hoping not just to enrich our eyes, but our experiences as fans of genre. He hopes to inspire, either to create, or simply just instill more confidence in the fact that there are like-minded individuals. Considering a great deal of the book consists of “a series of one-on-one interviews with [author Marc Scott] Zicree that are woven throughout the book, discussing his graphic inspirations, film analysis, storytelling, his ‘mainstays of horror,’ his idea incubators, and so much more,” I’m willing to bet we’ll all learn a thing or two, as well.

CABINET OF CURIOSITIES is being called lavishly illustrated, which is synonymous with “hardcover & expensive.” That means, it’ll run you $60 on its release date of October 29. (But you can pre-order it on Amazon for $36)

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