Gunnar Hansen updates us on “CHAIN SAW CONFIDENTIAL”


Actor Gunnar Hansen, the original and eternal Leatherface, first told us here about his upcoming book CHAIN SAW CONFIDENTIAL, an in-depth exploration of the making of Tobe Hooper’s THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. We now have the latest word from Hansen on the tome, along with the final cover and a publication date.

“We’ve finished the edit, including the page galleys and photo section, and I should see bound galleys sometime this month. We’re on schedule for a September 24 release,” Hansen tells Fango. Chronicle Books issues CHAIN SAW CONFIDENTIAL as a hardcover with a 16-page full-color photo insert; it’s available for pre-order at the publisher’s website.

Speaking to us at North Carolina’s Mad Monster Party convention earlier this year, Hansen revealed that the many TEXAS CHAINSAW cohorts he interviewed for the book gave him more to work with than he expected. “The great part was that everybody I was able to get ahold of gave me an interview, and they were long; I talked for two or three hours with each person,” he says. “I ended up with 100,000 words of transcribed interviews, just for the parts I knew were going to serve the book. I got a great deal of material from CHAINSAW’s crew and cast, which is very cool, because that gives it a much fuller perspective of the shoot, instead of it just being mine.

“I did a lot of additional research as well,” he adds, “because the last third of the book is about the public response to CHAINSAW, what that film means in relation to horror and why it has had the kind of response it’s gotten—why certain people just despise it while the fans love it. So there’s a lot more than just recounting the making of the film.”


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