H.R. Giger Bar Possibly Hitting the U.S.


You may know the haunting conceptual work of H.R. Giger from horror films such as ALIEN, SPECIES and POLTERGEIST II, but would you know him from your local bar? If not, you may soon, as the U.S. is slated to get one of the famed Giger Bars as a part of the upcoming Sci-Fi Hotel.

Sci-Fi Hotel founder Andy Davies told CNET that even though a location has not been decided upon yet, Giger will bring signature designs to the third official Giger Bar in the Sci-Fi Hotel, and has already begun working on the concepts based on the Gruyeres location. To date, there are only two active Giger Bars, in Gruyeres and Chur, Switzerland, with the Tokyo Giger Bar and Giger-designed VIP Lounge at the Limelight closing down for various reasons. As for potential locations for the Giger-enhanced Sci-Fi Hotel, Davies hopes to announce in the near future.

“Right now it’s Seattle and New York, with San Francisco, New Orleans, and Chicago following closely behind. But I also see a fit in the middle of the New Mexico desert at Spaceport USA,” Davies announced to CNET. Aside from the Giger Bar, the Sci-Fi Hotel is planning to offer an ‘immersive’ experience, with architectural design reminiscent of classic, modern and futuristic depictions of science fiction as well as sci-fi media installations. I’d love a couple drinks at the biomechanical Giger Bar without having to fly across the world, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope the Sci-Fi Hotel will do just that.

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