“HACK/SLASH” “illustrated film” coming from “GODKILLER” creator

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With a live-action film version of the comic book HACK/SLASH having been in development for some time now (THE GRUDGE’s Stephen Susco is the latest scribe on it; see his comments here), it looks like the saga of Cassie Hack, currently being published by Image Comics, may hit the screen first as an animated feature. Halo-8 Entertainment, the folks behind the recent GODKILLER, are behind this project.

Matt Pizzolo, who created both GODKILLER and the comic it was based on, will write and direct the HACK/SLASH “illustrated movie,” based on the “My First Maniac” series of the latter title. This story arc goes back to the beginning to explore how Cassie went from being the daughter of a slasher called the Lunch Lady to a slayer of murderous maniacs along with her hulking partner Vlad. The film will be released next year as part of a double feature with Pizzolo and Halo-8’s adaptation of LOADED BIBLE, like HACK/SLASH the creation of Tim Seeley.

“I’m happy to have my two babies in the same crib, with a unique HACK/SLASH and LOADED BIBLE double feature,” Seeley says. “Viewers can get their horror and sacrilege in the same lovin’ spoonful.” Adds Pizzolo, “Tim is not only a master storyteller but he’s also completely nuts, and that combination makes for some fantastic comics. As a longtime fan of the series, it’s a ridiculously exciting opportunity.” No voice cast has yet been selected for HACK/SLASH; you can see Halo-8’s official website here.

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