Hail Satin: Fashion horror musical, “VON MACRAMÉ” opens in NYC this month

The Management Theater Company’s Eurohorror-inspired stage show THE HOUSE OF VON MACRAMÉ debuts January 23.

Funded through Idiegogo, THE HOUSE OF VON MACRAMÉ is ready
to reveal all. Billed as a synthy, bloody spectacle set in high fashion, the
show follows small town gal Britt who “unwittingly becomes a muse to eccentric
fashion designer, Edsel Von Macramé.  As
she becomes increasingly tormented by psychic visions of grisly occult murders
within the industry, as more and more models disappear and Von Mac works on his
radical new line, Britt and famed fashion journalist Rosemary Crawley team up
to search for the horrific truth.”

While last year’s CARRIE revival didn’t fare too well, the acclaimed
RE-ANIMATOR THE MUSICAL had a brief NY run this summer (after stunning crowds
in LA) and the not-exactly-horror, but sufficiently eerie SLEEP NO MORE is still
doing incredible business. It seems, happily, Stage Frights are on the rise. You
can get an idea of what to expect from VON MACRAMÉ through its crowd funding
pitch video below. The musical runs Wed-Saturdays from January 23-February 9 at
the Bushwick Starr (207 Starr St.) in Brooklyn. For more, visit Management Theater
. [h/t Jason Zinoman]


by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-07 18:15:36


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