Has “TWIN PEAKS” Found Its First New Cast Members?


While production has began on the third season of TWIN PEAKS, with David Lynch at the helm, Mark Frost as his collaborator and Kyle MacLachlan the only officially announced returning cast member, the rest of the details have been hazy, to say the least. Though there have been unofficial comments that certain cast members would be returning, details on the plot and characters have all been tightly under wraps; even the show’s release date and episode number hasn’t even been officially confirmed. With that said, rumors have begun to swell over the weekend that a pair of new cast members have joined season three of TWIN PEAKS: LOST HIGHWAY star Balthazar Getty and JENNIFER’S BODY star Amanda Seyfried.

Showtime unsurprisingly has declined to comment on both reports, but considering the source of the reports comes from longtime TV entertainment journalist Michael Ausiello, don’t be surprised if they’re true. If that’s the case, it marks the first collaboration between Lynch and Getty in nearly 20 years as well as Getty’s first role in the horror genre since 2006’s THE TRIPPER. Meanwhile, Seyfried’s role has been subject to much speculation, considering she’s the youngest actress associated with the project to date as well as the first rumored cast member who previously has had no professional association with Lynch. Should this casting reveal to be true, check back here at FANGORIA.com for more on the TWIN PEAKS revival!

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