Have A Violent Night With Zombie Santas at the 2015 NYZ Apocalypse!


Two months after Halloween, a horror fan’s second favorite holiday comes around in a symphony of bells and screams: Christmas! From BLACK CHRISTMAS to KRAMPUS, the long-standing tradition of combining holiday cheer with guts and gore is now making its way off of screens and into haunted attractions and horror-themed events, such as the renowned NYZ Apocalypse.

A year-round interactive haunted house based out of Deer Park, NY, the NYZ Apocalypse gives attendees the chance to arm themselves with military grade laser guns and live out their favorite horror fantasy: killing zombies. Hordes of the infected attack your party as you fight your way through the haunt, and the only way to escape is to shoot your way out. This winter, NYZ Apocalypse is tweaking the formula to amp up the Christmas spirit with a dose of fear with the “Santapocalypse”, which puts you and your friends in an underground military complex where you’re being attacked by an army of rabid flesh-hungry Mall Santas.

For those unfamiliar with NYZ Apocalypse, here’s some information via their official press release…

“Recent excavations at the Apollo Prison System (APS) located at 450 Commack Road Deer Park, NY have unearthed one of the most disturbing medical experimentation rooms yet to be found at the zombie infested facility.

It seems the US Government had plans to insert Shopping Mall Santa Super Soldiers throughout America to guarantee our safety, but the infection made its way throughout the stricken Apollo Prison before these soldiers could be released to perform their duties. There are now hundreds of Shopping Mall Santa Zombies roaming free at the Apollo Prison System.

We are calling upon the good citizens of the New York area to visit the Apollo Prison System on Sunday December 20th, Sunday December 27th, and Friday January 1st to help eliminate the scourge of Shopping Mall Santa Zombies. Experts have indicated that 3 days of battle should be sufficient enough to utterly destroy this latest outbreak.”

So instead of another of the same old Christmas gatherings, why not get the family together, throw on your bloodiest Christmas sweaters, equip yourselves with laser guns and fight off a bunch of bloodthirsty Santa Clauses? I know I will, and even better, my family is already dead so I get four times the fun for myself! For more information on Santapocalypse and to purchase tickets for the event, visit their official site HERE.

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Kristen Adelwerth
Kristen is a grad student studying screenwriting in New York, NY. She loves horror movies about dead teens and grew up with an insatiable appetite for bloody slasher flicks. Her favorite film is THE CONDEMNED.
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