Have the “INSIDE” Duo Found Their “LEATHERFACE”?


Though the sentiment in the horror community has been unsurprisingly negative towards the idea of another TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE movie following the dreadful (yet successful) TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D, the idea that the supremely talented Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo will be guiding the film is always somewhat of a reassurance. But even that aspect haven’t stopped fans from rallying against a Leatherface origin story; after all, wasn’t the character at his scariest when the closest thing we had to backstory was a shot of a big metal door? Nevertheless, the show is still going on, and now, according to The Wrap, Bustillo and Maury may have found the most infamous member of the Sawyer clan.

That’s right: LEATHERFACE, which will take place in the ’70s, is currently eyeing EASTENDERS actor Sam Strike to play the titular character as we watch his evolution from teenager Jackson Sawyer to chainsaw-wielding psychopath. While Strike is relatively unknown here in the U.S., this would be one hell of a vehicle to introduce him to stateside audiences. However, such an opportunity can also be a curse, as one might want to ask the likes of Jake Lloyd or Gaspard Ulliel, so let’s hope the script by Seth M. Sherwood delivers the goods to the character and the franchise as a whole. Now, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that they also cast a young Chop-Top and we get a plate of TCM2-style insanity while we’re at it.

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