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Astron-6 has 18 days left to raise nearly $7,000 toward their budget on giallo comedy THE EDITOR.  You can help make it happen.

THE_EDITORposter_justin_erickson-1Crowdfunding is the finance system of the new anti-Hollywood. While it may appear to be no better than virtual panhandling at times you can mark my words – important works and talents are emerging due to the power of web fundraising. The pieces of the puzzle that make up the future of truly independent filmmaking are falling into place as we speak and financing is a huge part of that picture.

“The money people are screwing up movies.” We’ve all said some variation on this – it’s always the bean counters at the studio or the slick producer moneymen who get the candid blame for the butchery of a highly anticipated film. It’s always “those guys are out of ideas” or they lack the courage to fund brave new works.

Crowdfunding is your chance to help make the call the suits all blew. You want interesting and challenging new films made? Great! You don’t have to wait for the Rolex and Brooks Brothers set to catch up to your wisdom – you can find a project you love, contribute to making it a reality and then help promote it to others who will also help fund it. We all think we know better than the big guys and frankly I believe we are right, so let’s go out and do better!

Get behind crowdfunding and you help a whole new cohort of indie filmmakers tell their stories and help a potentially thriving alternative to the Hollywood game get just that much bigger. It’s as noble a calling as the kind of spare cash you’d blow on a coffee date could aspire to really. Except a charity I guess.

These are the big picture reasons for getting behind a campaign or making a habit of finding campaigns to contribute to regularly. For the practical view I’ve asked Adam Brooks of Astron-6 – makers of indie hits FATHER’S DAY and MANBORG – to tell us why we should support the IndieGoGo campaign for their next film THE EDITOR:

“Shit is expensive. A DP, gaffer, camera assistant and grip cost a lot of money. These are things we didn’t really know before because we did every job. We aren’t getting lazier – we’re still doing ten jobs each – but it’s literally impossible to do these jobs which require the skilled handling of equipment we have never handled before. I’ve never touched a RED camera.

“I also want everyone to know we aren’t paying ourselves a penny, we are trying to put everything on the screen.”

I’d love to see Astron-6 get the money they deserve to make the movie they want to make. We’ve seen them deliver two acclaimed features at jaw-droppingly low budgets, so they have the track record to prove they can execute and execute well. To give them a chance to make a movie free from studio sleaze politics and exploitation and with enough dough to expand their range and really grow as artists is an awesome opportunity. The best part? We’d get a new Astron-6 movie and it’s a giallo!

So what are you waiting for? You do know better than the idiots in Hollywood! Prove it by helping to fund something new and brave. Check out the IndieGoGo page for THE EDITOR, throw them some cash, sign the Astron-6 suicide pact and finally actually do something about the innovation wasteland called Hollywood.

Link to campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-editor-a-feature-film-giallo-comedy or click on the widget below:

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