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After successfully funding his graphic novel series “Tales of Hot Rod Horror Volume 2” last year via Kickstarter, illustrator/artist Devon Devereaux is back again with JOSH LOBSTER a graphic novel said to be somewhere in the space between THE GOONIES, JAWS and THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH.
Written by Chris Reilly (PUNCH & JUDY, THE TROUBLE WITH IGOR, STRANGE EGGS) and illustrated by Devon Devereaux (HAUNTED MANSION COMICS, LITTLEST BITCH, TALES OF HOT ROD HORROR), JOSH LOBSTER is a mystery at its core, as well as a comedy/horror story. The story focuses on Goose Cove, an island, which is visited annually by a traveling carnival. This year, however, vampires attack the island and all the world’s sea life appears to be heading to Goose Cove. New evidence surfaces in a 20 year old unsolved murder and at the center of it all is the mystery man, Barnacle Bill. Only Josh and his sidekick Misty can uncover the hidden secrets of the island.
A SCOOBY DOO style mystery with a grown-up appeal, Devon brings a fun, retro tiki art feel to the story that fits in perfectly with Chris’ dark comedic plot-line. Specializing in everything from pen and ink, prismacolor with digital effects and coloring, and even oil painting, it is no wonder that Devon has been sought out by clients like Disney, Laughing Squid, Willamette Week, and Slave Labor Graphics.
“When Chris Reilly came to me with this book idea a few years ago, he asked what I wanted to draw. I told him mermaids, ship wrecks, and tentacles. Chris didn’t have to change much of the story he was writing at the time to fit these things in,” recalls Devon. “Chris and I had the same sensibility on what we were looking for in a fun, spooky story. This book is one of those weird gems that is hard to categorize. At one time we were even in talks with Disney XD, then Penguin books and finally we decided to do it ourselves and put it out with Kickstarter so we wouldn’t have to compromise our story and we would retain all of the rights.”
Writer Chris Reilly passed away suddenly on June 10, 2014 right as Devon was completing the art for the first issue. Devon says he wasn’t sure what to do, but he knew Chris would have wanted folks to see his final story.
JOSH LOBSTER is available for presale—along with original art work, digital copies, signed prints, and Josh Lobster shirts—through Kickstarter now until August 16th at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/devondevereaux/josh-lobster
You can find more information about the project at: http://www.devondevereaux.com/
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