History Channel & Eli Roth to chronicle Jesus’ “LOST YEARS” as an Exorcist


At this point, The History Channel’s mission statement is unclear. If in between ANCIENT ALIENS and archery competition shows, they’d now like to follow up their incredibly popular dramatization of the THE BIBLE  with an Eli Roth-developed chronicle of Jesus’ lost years, some of which includes exorcising demons from possessed bodies, that’s some “sure, why not?” shit. 

Alongside Roth on what’s titled THE LOST YEARS, is writer Scott Kosar (THE MACHINIST, THE CRAZIES 2010) and producer Eric Newman (DAWN OF THE DEAD 2004, THE LAST EXORCISM). Apparently conceived as something of a genre series in its following of Jesus Christ from age 13-30, no other horror elements outside of his origins as an exorcist have been revealed or hinted at. Still, I can’t help but feel a Jesus-led ‘monster of the week’ show would be both too ridiculous to pass up, and entirely conceivable. [Deadline]

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