Horror Doc “WHY HORROR?” Picked Up; Goes to Cannes


The Canadian independent documentary, WHY HORROR? has been picked up by the Paris-based sales and production company WTFilms, as part of their new documentary slate being launched at Cannes. WTFilms stays close to its roots with WHY HORROR?, a feature documentary that follows horror fan (and former “Paper Cuts” Fango blogger) Tal Zimerman around the world as he examines the psychology of horror to understand why we love to be scared.

“We love genre but want to tackle every aspect of its wide range”, said WTF co-founder Dmitri Stephanides. “Our name means we want to sell intense, rock ’n’ roll movies, and that is valid for documentaries as well.”

Through their journey to Japan, UK, Mexico, US and Canada, the film features interviews with the most acclaimed directors of the genre including Eli Roth (HOSTEL), George A. Romero (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), John Carpenter (THE THING) Alexandre Aja (HIGH TENSION), Alex de la Iglesia (THE LAST CIRCUS), Ben Wheatley (KILL LIST) Simon Barrett (V/H/S/2), Takashi Shimizu (THE GRUDGE), Don Coscarelli (PHANTASM, Nicolas Lopez (AFTERSHOCK), writer Kier-La Janisse (HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN) and FANGORIA Editor-in-Chief/filmmaker Chris Alexander.


“It’s fascinating to see that people from any country or gender are horror lovers, and that scary movies translate the same everywhere. When you see a fan like Tal, you have to realize that for many people, horror is not a hobby; it’s a lifestyle”, says Colin Geddes, who runs the MidnightMadness selection at the Toronto International Film Festival and acts as a producer on the film.

Directed by Rob Lindsay and Nicolas Kleiman, WHY HORROR? is currently in post-production and will be ready for… Halloween. For more information, visit  www.whyhorror.com.

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