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A Rondo nod to a slew of contemporary horror hosts as well as the new Zacherley book today, a Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies course on Horror Hosts tonight, a Vampira-themed art exhibit Friday, and a new clothing line from Elvira? This can only mean one thing: everybody’s crazy!

Cassandra Peterson’s “ELVIRA” clothing line was reviewed on our website HERE today by Staci Layne Wilson, but below are three more horror happenings announced today that are related to the (uniquely American?*) tradition of the TV horror host:


The Rondo nominations went live today, among them Best Book nods for  FRIGHT NIGHT ON CHANNEL 9: Saturday Night horror films on New York’s WOR-TV 1973-1987 by James Arena, SHOCK THEATRE, CHICAGO STYLE: WBKB-TV’s Late Night Horror Showcase, 1957-1959, by Donald F. Glut and THE Z FILES: Treasures from Zacherley’s Archives, by Richard Scrivani with Tom Weaver. Not to mention a list of at least 20 contemporary horror hosts to vote for, from A. Ghastly Ghoul to Zomboo!

Vote for the Rondos HERE! (FANGORIA is up for a handful of awards too!)


The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies presents:
Tuesday February 26, 2013 – 7pm-10pm
at Peut-etre Vintage Microcinema, 6029A Ave du parc
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Concluding their six-week course on classic American TV horror, instructors Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare, Kristopher Woofter and Kier-La Janisse look at the tradition of the horror host! Starting with carnival barkers and crossing in and out of radio, the discussion moves into case studies of Vampira, Ghoulardi and Zacherley, and the impact their shows had on a burgeoning monster-kid culture.




Friday March 1 + Saturday March 2, 2013
Monster-a-gogo, 7361 Melrose Ave,
Los Angeles, CA, USA

From the Facebook Page: “Come join us in a celebration Maila Nurmi’s alter ego “Vampira”, Her life, Essence and Art.The show will feature artwork from artists worldwide, who have heavily been influenced by Vampira.

Also a chance to view never seen before artwork by Maila “Vampira” Nurmi and a collection of artifacts and memorabilia.

The show will also offer a unique opportunity to purchase original Vampira jewellery hand made by Maila Nurmi when she operated Vampira’s Attic on Melrose Ave.

Also on sale original art pieces, prints and canvases.It will coincide with the launch of Vampira-licensed merchandise by Kreepsville 666.

The show will take place on the 1st and 2nd of march 2013 .
A street event hosted by Monster-a-gogo, 7361 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, with participating retailers Shrine and Manic Panic style asylum.

March 1st – The show will open for RSVP guests between 7-8pm on Friday (To RSVP email rsvp@kreepsville666.com)
The show will be then be open for general entry between 8-10pm

Saturday 2nd March – The show will be open all day from 12-9pm.

The main show is hosted in Monster-a-gogo with art and artifacts also in Shrine and Manic Panic Style Asylum.”


*I actually do not know if this is a uniquely American tradition, that is a generalization. But I can not, off the top of my head, think of a local horror host I’ve heard of from outside the US. Please post in the comments if you know otherwise!

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