Horror Legend Tom Holland goes Kindle with “UNTOLD TALES”


Screenwriter/Director Tom Holland, the man who gave us such iconic works of 80’s horror as the original FRIGHT NIGHT and CHILD’S PLAY as well as the underrated Stephen King adaptations THINNER and THE LANGOLIERS (not to mention writing the deft PSYCHO II) is putting pen to page and unleashing a series of dark, sometimes satirical, often supernatural and sporadically ultra-violent short stories under the banner UNTOLD TALES.

HollandTHE BOYUNTOLD TALES – a spin off of his short film series TWISTED TALES – sees Holland free of the shackles of any sort of Hollywood system or budgetary concerns, instead these genuinely thrilling and engaging stories are unfiltered evidence at just what a master spinner of yarns the celebrated filmmaker is, part Stephen King “marketing to the middle class” horror, part Richard Matheson metaphysical lyricism and part Rod Serling morality tale.

The new initiative – available exclusively through Kindle – kicks off now with Holland’s first UNTOLD TALE , “The Boy”, a  parable story about gang violence and redemption, toughened up with  witty dialogue, a brisk pace and an eerie supernatural sheen.

“Tom is a hyper-visual storyteller,” notes longtime producing partner David Chackler, and it’s absolutely true. This writer has had the privilege to read several of impending UNTOLD TALES and each reads like a slab of immaculately detailed cinema. No surprise as screenwriting is perhaps Holland’s greatest strength. UNTOLD TALES marks his first time creating fictional worlds in this format. If these take off, it won’t be his last.

To download “The Boy” for only .99 cents go HERE.

We’ll announce more of Holland’s “Untold Tales” as they go live.

Holland and friend

Holland and friend

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