Horror stars help cook up “CAFE HIMBO: COOKBOOK II”


If you’re looking for a horror-centric gift for the holiday season that won’t scandalize the more sensitive members of your family, look no further than the currently available CAFE HIMBO: COOKBOOK II, which also has a further sequel coming next year.

CAFEHIMBOCOOKBOOKIINEWSAssembled by indie filmmaker/actor Joe Zaso, CAFE HIMBO: COOKBOOK II features dozens of recipes contributed by such genre notables as Adrienne King, Belinda Balaski, Mark Patton, Russell Todd, SUSPIRIA’s Barbara Magnolfi, Catherine Mary Stewart, Lynne Griffin, Geretta-Geretta, Rutanya Alda, Desiree Gould, Charles Busch, author Maitland McDonagh, Hedda Lettuce, Eileen Daly, Monique Dupree, Bart Mastronardi, designer Michael Kaye and others. All copies come with a DVD or flash drive containing the first six episodes of Zaso’s CAFE HIMBO on-line series, so contact Zaso at josephzaso@gmail.com for ordering info and find out more at the Facebook page. Zaso is currently assembling the next volume, CAFE HIMBO: JUST DESSERTS, with many celebrities returning from the first two books, along with new contributors Barbara Steele, Caroline Munro, Martine Beswicke, Lesleh Donaldson, Armand Mastroianni, Raine Brown and more. Look for that one to arrive next March.

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