“HOSTEL”‘s Boaz Yakin to produce Scott Spiegel’s “ZOMBIE WEDDING”


Boaz Yakin (pictured above, on set of SAFE), co-writer/executive producer of the summer hit NOW YOU SEE ME, will produce director Scott Spiegel’s latest horror film, ZOMBIE WEDDING. Announced last year, the new high-concept project from the EVIL DEAD II screenwriter and INTRUDER director is based on Marc Selz’s screenplay of the same title, which Spiegel rewrote with Selz’s collaboration. Fango’s editor emeritus Tony Timpone will co-produce. ZOMBIE WEDDING follows a couple of young horror lovers who decide to hold a zombie-themed wedding on Halloween night only to have “real” flesh-eating ghouls crash their celebration.

“The main reason I’m excited about ZOMBIE WEDDING is the opportunity to work with Scott Spiegel again, who, as well as being a dear friend, is an energetic and talented filmmaker. Scott always brings something exciting and offbeat to the horror genre,” says Yakin, who co-wrote Clint Eastwood’s THE ROOKIE with Spiegel and also produced HOSTEL, HOSTEL: PART II and 2001 MANIACS. In addition, Yakin directed the films SAFE, REMEMBER THE TITANS and FRESH. He also previously collaborated with Spiegel on the story for FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 2: TEXAS BLOOD MONEY and partnered with him and director Eli Roth on the late horror label Raw Nerve.

“Scott has an understanding of horror, humor and visual storytelling that are unique,” says Yakin. “He’s one of the people who helped popularize the genre of off-the-wall anything-goes horror, and I’m dying to see what he comes up with in ZOMBIE WEDDING.”

“Boaz will bring his vast filmic insight to ZOMBIE WEDDING,” says Spiegel. “He is really well versed in every genre and was instrumental in the development of the HOSTEL franchise. From script to casting to production to editing, Boaz’s creativity knows no bounds. I’m proud to have him on board.”

“As creator and co-writer of ZOMBIE WEDDING, it is my pleasure to welcome the multi-talented Boaz Yakin to the ZOMBIE WEDDING team,” adds Selz, the co-writer/director of SATANIC PANIC and THE ROCKVILLE SLAYER. “Boaz’s vast industry knowledge and experience will be a huge addition to our incredible dream team. I look forward to seeing what his producing skills will bring to the table. Scott and Boaz have worked together many times in the past, and I cannot wait to see what this incredible duo will do again with our film.”

With ZOMBIE WEDDING, Spiegel, Selz and Timpone have been striving to make a zombie film that stands out in the undead pack, a goal that Yakin now shares. “So many talented people have been working in this arena lately,” Yakin says. “It’s really a matter of the filmmaker’s unique voice coming through, and I have no doubt Scott’s will on ZOMBIE WEDDING, as it always does when he gets behind the camera.”

Stay tuned for more ZOMBIE WEDDING updates as the film gears up for production later this year.

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