Housecore Horror Film Festival to Stage Ultimate “TEXAS CHAINSAW” Reunion


While many are still talking about the legendary debut of last year’s Housecore Horror Film Festival, the minds behind it have pushed on, been busy behind the scenes, putting together a number of enticing prospects to get us all heading back to Texas in October 2014.

And the first announcement likely will. The Housecore Horror Film Festival 2014 will host a reunion of the stars of Tobe Hooper’s seminal 1974 feature, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in celebration of the film’s fortieth anniversary. Those who survived (and what is left of them) will be attending the event in Austin, Texas, which is run by Down / The Illegals frontman Philip H Anselmo and true crime author and music journalist Corey Mitchell.

Bringing together Leatherface himself; Gunnar Hansen, along with Marilyn Burns, who screamed in a way the like of which viewers had never experienced before in her role as Sally Hardesty, the Housecore team have also rounded up Edwin Neal, the menacing hitcher (You like head cheese?). Also attending is Allen Danzinger (Jerry), William Vail (Kirk), Teri McMinn (Pam), John Dugan (Grandpa), and Edward Guinn, the Cattle Truck Driver whose role may have been small, but plays a central part to the outcome of the feature.

This is going to be the first time that the cast have all been brought together in this manner, and excitement levels are already high. Gunnar Hansen has commented that this will be the closest thing to a cast screening that has ever taken place. Marilyn Burns added that she is also greatly looking forward to the festival, especially that it will be taking place in Austin, “where it all began.”

Not only will the film be screened with the cast in attendance, but there will also be a number of CHAINSAW-related events and activities, with the guests sticking around for the duration of the fest.

This certainly gets things off to a really exciting start. Last year’s festival saw a plethora of horror royalty converge upon Austin for the weekend, including Ruggero Deodato, Coffin Joe and Geretta Geretta, who were rubbing shoulders with music acts such as Gwar, The Melvins, Down and Goblin (who played their score to SUSPIRIA in full).

With so many events, festivals and conventions taking place, there is something genuinely unique about the Housecore Horror Film Festival. This is not an event which is being dictated by distributors or extrinsic powers that be; it’s a labor of love, put together by lifelong aficionados of both horror and metal. The worlds that, for so long, were the bastions of the outsider have now opened their doors to the masses, allowing for great discoveries to be made across the board. No matter how much, or how little you know about either faction, there will certainly be plenty to explore at Housecore and it’s going to be great to watch it all unfold over the coming months.

No details on the music side of things yet, but with a selection panel like Mitchell and Anselmo at the helm, we needn’t worry. There has also been new blood brought into the Housecore brew this year, as Nic Brown joins the team. Brown was largely responsible for bringing together the TXCM stars and is working closely with the co-founders to ensure that the horror fans in attendance this year get what’s coming to them.

Knowing that the Housecore crew would never play their hand too early, Fangoria will be keeping their ear to the ground and will be the first to let you know when more acts and artists are added to the lineup.

The Housecore Horror Festival runs from October 23rd-26th. Further details can be found on the Official Website and Badges are now available here. A number of weekend badges will be available for $199 for a limited time only.

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