“I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER” gets rolling with Christopher Lloyd et al.


The wilds of Minnesota have an extra chill in the air now that I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, based on the novel by Dan Wells, has begun filming there.

IAMNOTASERIALKILLERNEWSScreen Daily reports that Irish filmmaker Billy O’Brien, of the 2006 farmbound fright film ISOLATION and others, scripted and is directing I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, with a cast headed by Christopher Lloyd (pictured), WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE’s Max Records and Laura Fraser. The story centers on John Wayne Cleaver, a teenager obsessed with serial killers who tries to track down the murderer stalking his small town, and recognizes that it is something other than human. Award-winning cinematographer Robbie Ryan is shooting the movie, and the creature was designed by Toby Froud—son of acclaimed illustrator Brian Froud—whose credits include PARANORMAN (and who was the baby in LABYRINTH!).

“Taking Dan Wells’ icky, dark and funny novel to the big screen is like getting to play all day,” O’Brien tells the trade, “and being here in Minnesota, the home of the Coens and the setting for FARGO, is inspiring us all. I have a fantastic team around me, some amazing actors and plenty of warm clothes!”

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