IFC Midnight Releases No-Frills Alien Slasher, “ALMOST HUMAN” this February


Throwback is a dangerous proposition in our game. Often, horror films made by horror fans are then marred by devotion to their favorite films. Homage gets in the way, leaving a sour taste and a failed film. Here’s why ALMOST HUMAN is refreshing, and not what I’ve just described: It’s affection and knowledge of genre is clear, without direct, explicit reference to the films it and filmmakers Joe Begos and Josh Ethier love. It’s a brisk, simple mesh of slasher and alien abduction whose lack of bullshit allows the room to get fun, and get weird.

I caught ALMOST HUMAN at Austin’s Fantastic Fest, and had a blast. I think you might, too. In the very modestly budgeted picture, directed by Begos and produced by and starring Ethier and RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL lead Graham Skipper,  Seth (Skipper) is still reeling from the disappearance of his best friend and subsequent accusations he had something to do with it. Some years later, Mark (Ethier) returns, entirely changed and wholly more aggressive. Things get out of hand, things get gross.

Bloody Disgusting announced ALMOST HUMAN will hit theaters and VOD from IFC Midnight on February 21. Expect more on the film here at Fango in the coming weeks, and see the trailer below.

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