“IN FEAR OF”: Exclusive pics, “NIGHTBREED” star joins


Slick Devil Entertainment’s on-line horror series IN FEAR OF is in the midst of production on the second round of episodes; we’ve got new exclusive photos, plus a bit of exciting casting news and info on the current crowd-funding initiative.

IN FEAR OF creator Scott W. Perry is currently shooting “Dysmorphophobia: Fear of Deformity,” starring Heather Drew (pictured in 1st photo below with Perry, and the next two pics) and Ekaterina Sknarnina. Also recently lensed is “Toxiphobia: Fear of Poison,” directed by Thomas Norman of the killer-clown short GITCHY and starring Kelly Rae LeGault, Pete Mizzo and Manoush; you can see a preview of this installment below the pics. Upcoming is “Agoraphobia: Fear of Leaving the House,” the first science fiction-themed episode, written and directed by Robert L. Brodmerkel and starring Anne Bobby from Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED. Bobby will play Emily, a distraught woman who’s afraid to leave her home and is questioned by a mysterious figure about the tragedy that resulted in her phobia.

“As a fan of NIGHTBREED, I am absolutely thrilled that Anne has decided to join the IN FEAR OF family and be a part of this episode,” Perry says. “Robert’s script is brilliant, and Anne responded so favorably to its TWILIGHT ZONE vibe that she is very much looking forward to filming it and being part of such a great series.”

“Agoraphobia” is slated to shoot in August; that and 12 other new episodes will premiere late this year. Slick Devil is also in the final stages of financing IN FEAR OF via Indiegogo; you can learn about the perks and find out how to contribute here. For more info on IN FEAR OF, head over to its Facebook page.




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