“INK & STEEL” Filmmakers Want Your Attention With “#DISTRACTDEAD”


It’s always exciting to see fright filmmakers go outside of their comfort zone and go for more versatile output. It’s easy for filmmakers to stick to a niche or the expectations of their fanbase, so for co-directors Patrick Ward-Perkins and Jonathan Ehlers to branch out from their documentary feature INK & STEEL to the horror genre is a welcome change of pace. And now, Ward-Perkins & Ehler’s have hit the ‘net with first look at their biting and creepy fright flick, entitled #DISTRACTDEAD.

Here’s the official synopsis for #DISTRACTDEAD:

A terrifying new arrival on the independent horror scene, #DISTRACTDEAD is a cautionary tale about the growing epidemic of distracted cell-phone users today. When a new serial killer starts targeting recklessly distracted victims, his disturbing internet manifesto risks going viral and inciting gruesome violence across the country. Using dangerous hallucinogens to gain insights into the case, a long disgraced FBI profiler must delve into his own dark past in order to track down the horrifying man behind the movement.

Currently, #DISTRACTDEAD’s cast includes Jennifer Wenger (TALES OF HALLOWEEN) and Paul Ehlers, who play the titular terror in the 1982 cult slasher MADMAN. The film, which is produced by former FANGORIA contributor Robert Galluzzo, is expected to hit audiences in 2016, but in the meantime, you can check out the trailer for the film below! Stay tuned for more information about #DISTRACTDEAD here at FANGORIA.com, and be sure to check out the film’s official website HERE.

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