“INSIDE” directors crowdfunding “AMONG THE LIVING”


Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury gave us one of the most impressive horror debuts of all time with INSIDE, and followed up with the fantastic style-heavy, nightmare logic-based and still-unreleased LIVIDE. Now, they are asking fans for help in getting amusement park horror AMONG THE LIVING off the ground.

Having briefly entertained the idea of taking on studio and English-language genre, it’s evident that the pair are entirely intent on doing their own thing. While I’m unsure how their first two features were received in France, it seems their own thing is not proving attractive to financiers. Since the first time I caught INSIDE, however, I believed wholeheartedly these exhilarating filmmakers were worth getting invested in. That didn’t change with LIVIDE and now, it’s a literal matter of aiding to produce a third film.

Planning to get underway June 3rd, AMONG THE LIVING takes place in A dry, hot summer. Playing hooky from their last day of school, Dan, Tom and Victor, three inseparable adolescents, get lost in the countryside. During their ramblings, alone in the middle of nowhere, they discover a run-down place that’s become the hiding grounds of Isaac and Klarence Shooter, a man and his strange son very much intent on not letting the trio reveal their dark secrets to the living.

If you’d like to help, you can find their pitch video (in French) and more on touscoprod. Bloody Disgusting debuted the above art.

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