International “DEVIL’S DUE” Poster Continues the Promotion’s Satanic Streak


The poster campaign for Radio Silence’s upcoming found footage DEVIL’S DUE has been nonstop Satanic kitsch. It’s also been nonstop. But when those behind it are seemingly having fun juxtaposing songs about the birth of Christ with the birth of something worse, and positioning bloody pregnant women on upside down crosses and in the middle of ritualistic circles, who’s complaining? 

DEVIL’S DUE comes from viral video collective Radio Silence (directing duties are credited to members Tyler Gillett & Matt Bettinelli-Olpin), best known for their high energy V/H/S segment, “10/31/98”. The film finds a newlywed couple expecting after a hazy night on their honeymoon. Soon, her behavior escalates beyond prenatal growing pains into something far more sinister and it’s clear something is very, very wrong.

You can find the latest black magick-esque one sheet for the film below, as well as a TV spot to accompany the holiday season. DEVIL’S DUE is out January 17, 2014. Here’s hoping the film keeps up its gleeful reveling in all things blasphemous. [IMP]


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