On Thursday, October 10th  at 9pm, Toronto based film fest BLOOD IN THE SNOW opens its preview portal with a screening of a new, nightmarish indie shocker called simply THE BASEMENT, the not-so tender tale of a gaggle of pretty young things trapped in a cellar while someone – or thing – sinister upstairs knocks them off one by one.

We spoke to Young on the cusp of his world premiere.

FANGO: What class of madness spurred you on to make a low budget film, anyway?

 YOUNG:  Well let’s just say, for me, I would have gone mad had I not made a low budget film. I’ve always had a desire for telling stories on film and so I finally decided to just go for it. Out of the repertoire of film ideas floating around in my head, I went with the one I could finance myself hence, the one location shoot film idea, The Basement. It wasn’t easy but it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

FANGO: What WAS the budget?

YOUNG: As far as film making goes we kept the budget fairly low. The film was 100% self financed. I had to re-mortgage my condo to get it made. We shot the film in 2 intense weeks. 10 long grueling days in the basement!

FANGO: How did you cast? Friends? Seasoned actors?

YOUNG: We placed adds through various outlets from bulletin boards in high schools to Mandy.com. The actors were all non-union at the time but they all had some experience with theatre and/or film.  Most of them, however, had not made a feature film before, so they were all excited to jump in full force and prove themselves.

Yes, that was the challenge. After watching “Cube” a while back, I was fascinated with how they were able to carry the film in essentially a big box. Cube is a perfect example that low budget filmmaking can be a success. The Basement is a genre film that is firmly grounded in character.

FANGO: Do you have distribution yet? What are some of the challenges in finding it?

YOUNG: No distribution yet however, we’ve had interest from a few distributors & sales agents.  We are currently following up on those leads.

I think it’s never been more challenging getting distribution because there’s such a saturation in the market. It’s tough but, at least nowadays, you have plenty of options. There are so many tools and outlets for self-distribution now. That’s really where things are going for independent film and I personally see that as a positive thing.

FANGO: What’s the next step for you after the dust on THE BASEMENT settles?

YOUNG: I’m currently writing my next feature length script. Another Thriller/Horror. This time however, I think I’ll go the fundraising route as opposed to self financing. Hopefully it works out.

To purchase an advance ticket and for more information on both BITS and THE BASEMENT hit https://guestlistapp.com/events/180345

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