Italian gorefest “MORITURIS” coming to the U.S.


Fans of spaghetti splatter will be glad to hear the gladiator horror film MORITURIS is making its way over from Italy to Stateside disc release. Fango got the exclusive; read on for the news.

We heard from Synapse Films that the company has acquired MORITURIS and plans to issue it later this year; details are still being ironed out. Directed by first-timer Raffaele Picchio from a script by Gianluigi Perrone, the movie follows a group of young friends whose road trip to a rave outside Rome takes a detour into some ancient ruins, where some equally ancient warriors return to life—but that’s just the start of the horrors. Veteran artist Sergio Stivaletti provided the makeup FX. Watch the trailer (with a bit of NSFW imagery) below, and keep your eyes here for further details as they arise!

[vsw id=”TlFhyXy0kNI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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