It’s alive! First look at cover and full contents for FANGORIA #345!

There’s a new Frankenstein in town, and one of his ghastly creations fronts our next issue, which is chock full of early-winter chills. Read on for the full contents and cover!

On the cover of FANGORIA #345 (out this month), meet “Gordon,” a creature who springs from the mad lab of VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN; we’ve got an extensive preview of the lavish new reimagining of Mary Shelley’s classic. Also resurrecting the dead (-ites) is Sam Raimi, who discusses ASH VS. EVIL DEAD in these pages, joined by director Michael Dougherty, gifting us with words on his Christmas horror movie KRAMPUS; directors Doron and Yoev Paz, talking their apocalyptic Israeli feature JERUZALEM; Larry Fessenden, exploring his unique oeuvre to celebrate Glass Eye Pix’s 30th anniversary; composer Fabio Frizzi, recalling his days scoring Lucio Fulci’s grisly features; reports from the sets of the atmospheric and gruesome independent features THE CONDEMNED, THE HALLOW and CHARLIE’S FARM; Clu Gulager, flashing back to THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and his other fright fare; more from the African locations of the burgeoning Wakaliwood genre scene; assorted pro wrestlers digging into their horrific ring personas; and much more. Head down past the cover for the full details, and go here to subscribe to FANGORIA!



INTERVIEW: SAM RAIMI The “Evil Dead” creator now unleashes weekly television torments on poor Ashley J. Williams.

PREVIEW: “KRAMPUS” The “anti-Claus” gets the major movie vehicle he’s long deserved, thanks to director Michael Dougherty.

PREVIEW: “JERUZALEM” Israeli filmmaking brothers Doron and Yoev Paz spread unholy evil across sacred ground.

ON SET: “CONDEMNED” In Eli Morgan Gesner’s infection opus, catching the murderous rage doesn’t mean you lose your personality.

PREVIEW: “DEMENTIA” The star of “The Sacrament” is on the receiving end of sinister doings in Mike Testin’s film.

INTERVIEW: LARRY FESSENDEN Sponsoring talent and social relevance are equally important to the director/producer’s agenda.

MINIFEATURE: “THE DESIGNER” Graham Reznick introduces video games that play with your psyche.

INTERVIEW: CLAY McLEOD CHAPMAN He brings many years of macabre monologue experience to Fango’s Podcast Network.

INTERVIEW: FABIO FRIZZI Lucio Fulci’s favorite composer has been making concerted efforts to repopularize his music.

PREVIEW: “VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN” The question of who the real monster is gets a fresh examination under director Paul McGuigan.

FEATURE: WAKALIWOOD HORROR, PART TWO As “Eaten Alive in Uganda” rolls, cast and observers alike are shaken and rattled.

ON SET: “THE HALLOW” Irish forest dwellers are no longer confined to legend in Corin Hardy’s mythological chiller.

ON SET: “CHARLIE’S FARM” Do you dare join us to trespass on the grounds of Chris Sun’s huge, savage psychopath?

INTERVIEW: CLU GULAGER From “Return of the Living Dead” to “Feast,” something’s always been eating at the veteran actor.

FEATURE: “MÉXICO BARBARO” Director/producer Lex Ortega et al. are seeing their ambitious anthology head north of the border.

MINIFEATURE: “EL GIGANTE” A gory grappler threatens to bust out of Gigi Saul Guerrero’s short film into a full-fledged feature.

FEATURE: HORROR WRESTLING Heel the fear when some of the sport’s baddest guys take on terrifying personas.


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