“JACOB” actress heads for the “WOODS” and a zombie “AGE”


At last weekend’s Macabre Faire Film Festival in Long Island, Fango spoke with young actress Grace Powell, the star of the recently released JACOB (pictured above) who was accompanying her short film KILLIN’ TIME, about her new projects, including the remake of HIDDEN IN THE WOODS and the zombie movie THE NEW AGE.

Others from the JACOB team encore on HIDDEN (which Patricio Valladares will direct based on his Chilean bloodfest of the same title), including Michael Biehn and his partner Jennifer Blanc, who had small roles in JACOB and are producing and acting in the film. Electra Avellan and Jeannine Kaspar star as Anny and Ana, sisters who go on the run from murderous crime boss Uncle Costello (William Forsythe); Powell and Evie Thompson play the girls at younger ages. “It’s going to film in July, and I’m really excited to do it,” Powell tells us. “I love Jennifer and Michael. I didn’t actually get to be on set with them when we filmed JACOB, but I have been with them at Comicpalooza and Texas Frightmare, and they’re really, really nice. I’m just appearing in the beginning of the film; it’s not anything big, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

HIDDENNEWAGEPOWELLNEWSPowell had yet to read the script for HIDDEN IN THE WOODS as of this conversation, nor has she seen the original, “though I heard it’s pretty brutal,” she says. Indeed it is, though she believes she won’t be involved in anything too extreme in the remake. “They talked to my parents about it, just to let us know that nothing I’m in is going to be too bad.”

Powell adds that “Gore doesn’t really bother me,” as either a viewer or an actress; on JACOB, “It was actually really fun to be there for those scenes and help them make the blood and guts.” The biggest challenge there, she recalls, involved simply playing dead for long stretches of the movie. It was so cold when we were filming,” she remembers, “and I just had this little dress on, and it was very hard not to shiver. I watch it now and I’m like, ‘I just shivered twice!’ It was not easy.”

The actress had an easier time on KILLIN’ TIME, a dark comedy in which she plays a young girl who’s home alone one night when she sees a broadcast on TV about a serial killer on the loose. “Somebody knocks on her door, and she gets freaked out and kills him; she thinks he’s the murderer,” Powell explains. “Then she feels bad, so she calls her aunt, who calls a friend who has these magic pills that can take you back 48 minutes. So over and over again, she keeps trying to go back and keep this guy alive, but somehow she manages to keep killing him.”

Powell will reunite with KILLIN’ TIME director Mark Blitch and his co-writer/producer Jason Walter Vaile on THE NEW AGE—again playing one of a pair of sisters, opposite Morgan Alana Taylor. “The concept is that once you reach a certain age, you turn into a zombie,” she explains. “We’re trying to survive, knowing that soon we’ll be at that age, so we’re dealing with the fear of becoming zombies. At the same time, we’re trying to get to our parents, fighting off all these people around us who have become zombies; there’s a lot of stuff going on.” Check out THE NEW AGE’s teaser trailer below.

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