Wan Returns for “THE CONJURING 2”

Following a break from horror which saw him helm the upcoming seventh feature in the massive FAST & FURIOUS franchise, James Wan will return for the sequel to last year’s haunter hit, THE CONJURING. 

Deadline is reporting Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have inked a deal with the INSIDIOUS and SAW director which sees Wan helm THE CONJURING 2 next summer for a 2016 release, as well as oversee a producing deal to develop modestly budgeted genre pictures.

“It was during the editing of FAST & FURIOUS 7 that my brain started sparking ideas for THE CONJURING sequel,” Wan tells the trade. “Taking a break from horror has allowed me to be creatively rejuvenated. I’m excited to tell the story of the next case-file of Ed & Lorraine Warren and expand on this world we’ve created.”

THE CONJURING, based on the exploits of real life paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren, saw Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga essay the couple and come to the aid of the Perron family, whose new home harbors a malevolent entity. The 2013 film, which grossed over $300 million worldwide, was spun off into ANNABELLE, released earlier this month.

This is refreshing news for THE CONJURING 2. Wan is a contemporary horror master, who did great work on the first film, a rare major studio piece that felt designed and crafted.

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