James Wan-produced “DEMONIC” Conjures Up Familiar Yet Effective Scares

In 2015, there’s still something almost comical about seeing the Dimension Films logo in front of a horror film and knowing that it’s likely been sitting on the shelf for ages. It’s a cycle that has happened time and time again, even as recently as AMITYVILLE, which was scheduled to hit theaters nowish. However, just as all things that go up must go down, all Dimension horror releases do eventually see the light of day, and in the case of the James Wan-produced DEMONIC, that day may be coming soon as the film released it’s first trailer earlier today.

Starring Frank Grillo and Maria Bello as detectives investigating a massacre at a haunted house, Will Cannon’s DEMONIC looks like to incorporate ever-familiar elements of found footage and recent haunting film tropes. Even Wan’s CONJURING seems evoked by the mere imagery of the house and some of the jump scares on display. What’s frustrating, however, is still how goddamn effective it all seems; the ideas introduced in the trailer are intriguing, and this film seems at least ten times more fun and creepy than recent teen-centric haunter OUIJA.

The question now remains: with no official release date attached, will people be jaded to yet another haunted house film by the time DEMONIC hits screens? Watch the trailer below and you can decide for yourself.

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