James Wan, “THE CONJURING” Writers to Assemble “THE ENTITY” Remake


Remakes can be a tricky thing, with the right creative forces and fresh take on even the most sacred material bearing potentially terrifying fruit. And like it or not, most fright films, no matter how controversial, will find their way to contemporary audiences in the form of a new cinematic voice. However, sometimes said remakes have a silver lining, as it has recently been announced that Sidney J. Furie’s masterful THE ENTITY will be remade by the creative force that brought us THE CONJURING. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director James Wan will produce while writers Chad and Carey Hayes pen the script. Roy Lee, known for bringing Asian horror to American audiences with remakes like THE RING and THE GRUDGE, will produce with Wan.

The original film, regarded by horror fans (including filmmaker Martin Scorsese) as one of the scariest ever made, is an unnerving tale about a woman, played by Barbara Hershey, physically and sexually abused by an unseen assailant, believed to be a supernatural demon. The film toggles back and forth between a terrifying possession story and a deeply troubling psychological character study with a great atmosphere and satisfying scares. Much like THE CONJURING, which was based on the real-life work of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, THE ENTITY was also based on true events, specifically the circumstances surrounding single mom Doris Bither in 1974.

A director has not yet been announced, but the film will undoubtedly compel audiences, given the track record of Wan’s horror success. Wan will return to directing horror when he helms THE CONJURING 2: THE ENFIELD POLTERGEIST, which is set to be released in summer of 2016, but FANGORIA will keep you up to date with further news on THE ENTITY remake.

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