Jason Patric et al. wrap “THE CONFINES”; 1st photo

THE LOST BOYS’ Jason Patric (pictured above) just wrapped a new psychological horror film called THE CONFINES in New York; read on for the details and a first image from the movie.

Originally titled LOT 451, THE CONFINES was directed by feature first-timer Eytan Rockaway from a script by Ido Fluk, and produced by C Plus Pictures’ Mike Landry and Carlos Velazquez. The film, according to the official synopsis, “is set in an enormous residential complex equipped with all of the modern amenities you’d expect in luxury living except one thing…residents. Amidst a recession, the shops and rooms have all been abandoned and the underbelly of the building has been left to decay. The story takes place over one night when Julia Streak [MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE’s Louisa Krause], a struggling single mother, works as a security guard for the corporation that owns the structure, along with her brusque rent-a-cop partner, Cooper [Patric]. As the night progresses, the building, Cooper and a vagrant in the area [BENEATH’s Mark Margolis] toy with Streak sadistically. Streak’s curiosity to find the truth leads her on a dangerous path into the depths of the building, where she becomes trapped in the dark catacombs of the structure and her sanity is terrorized. Eventually, Julia must face herself as the complex demands that all who enter these grounds pay the ultimate price for admission into The Confines.”

“THE CONFINES is that special convergence,” says Landry, “where a genre piece is elevated by the director’s vision along with great acting to make a truly haunting psychological thriller. We’re thrilled to be a part of it coming off the success of THE LIFEGUARD last year.” Keep your eyes here for further updates.


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