Jeff Lieberman making return trip to “BLUE SUNSHINE”


Cult horror director Jeff Lieberman is returning to the scene of the crimes of one of his ’70s classics—and he’s got the original producer on board for the remake.

Variety reports that Lieberman and Edgar Lansbury (who also produced the writer/director’s SQUIRM) are teaming with WE’RE THE MILLERS producer Vincent Newman on a new version of the cult 1978 shocker BLUE SUNSHINE. The original film, which stars Zalman King, Deborah Winters and Mark Goddard, deals with the eponymous LSD-like drug, which has a hell of a delayed reaction in its users: a decade later, it causes them to lose their hair and turn homicidal. “Edgar and I agree that the theme of the film—decisions we made in our youth coming back to haunt us in horrific ways as adults—will resonate well with Millennials,” Lieberman tells the trade. Details of how that theme will be updated in the new film haven’t been revealed as of yet; Newman is also currently producing another pair of genre films, Stefan Ruzowitzky’s PATIENT ZERO and D.J. Caruso’s THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM.

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