Jennifer Blanc-Biehn talks “THE NIGHT VISITOR”; exclusive pics, first poster


Jennifer Blanc-Biehn has been making a name for herself in horror as an actress and producer, alongside her husband Michael Biehn. Now she has taken the reins of her first feature as director, THE NIGHT VISITOR (not to be confused with the 1971 film of the same name), which wrapped in LA last Tuesday. She spoke to us about the project (which we last reported on here), and provided some new exclusive photos to go with a just-released poster.

The movie is about a struggling couple who hire a New Age spiritualist to help mend their marriage. When she advises them to videotape every moment of their lives, they discover their son is having conversations with an entity that calls itself the Night Visitor.


FANGORIA: How did it feel to direct your first feature?

JENNIFER BLANC: Wow—totally surreal, and a huge learning experience about myself and my ability to visualize what I want in my head. I didn’t think I could do that. Now I hope it comes out in the edit. Fingers crossed!

FANG: How is it different from producing?

BLANC: It is totally different. It’s kind of weird for me—as a producer, I am loud and passionate and a total maniac, but very good at it, I’m realizing. I’m good at putting people together and willing to ask for anything. As a director through this new experience, while I’m still me, I’m much more mellow and relaxed.


FANG: You must have learned so much over your career…

BLANC: I have learned a lot, and I realize more and more how much I have actually taken in from being employed by others, and I’m still learning from people who hire me to act in their projects. It’s cool to know that there is a part of me watching and taking it all in, and then having it there to help me on things like this ambitious foray into being a director.

FANG: I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from your husband as well. How is your directing style different from his?

BLANC: Michael has taught me more about acting, and the business in general, than anyone else I have ever met or worked with. He is so passionate about what he does, so talented and filled with integrity in his work. He also is very smart and intuitive as well as having a very strong truth meter.


FANG: How did you acquire the NIGHT VISITOR script?

BLANC: The idea came from our investor and executive producer Lony Ruhmann. He wrote the original story, and then turned that over to the Marcus Brothers [who scripted].

FANG: You have an awesome cast. How did you get everyone together.

BLANC: Brianne Davis is a friend whom I worked with on AMONG FRIENDS, and we had been trying to do something together for a while now. Mark Gantt as well; I really admired what Mark put together with THE BANNON WAY. Gary Cairns is the star alongside Brad Dourif of a film I play a supporting role in called BLACK BUTTERFLIES, directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley and produced by Andrew van den Houten of THE WOMAN and JUG FACE. You’ll hear more about that movie soon. Gary and I met on that, we hit it off and became friends, so we were trying to find something to do together. Tara Buck and Vedette Lim from TRUE BLOOD are friends and colleagues of Brianne, who not only stars but is helping me produce. They rock. I’m so grateful they came on and took a chance on a new friend and experience.





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