Jennifer Blanc-Biehn welcomes a “NIGHT VISITOR”


The actress who has produced and co-starred in the likes of THE VICTIM and the upcoming remake of HIDDEN IN THE WOODS is now preparing to take the helm of a sci-fi/horror feature.

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, who co-starred with her husband Michael Biehn in his directorial debut THE VICTIM, is herself taking that plunge with THE NIGHT VISITOR. This found-footage project will be made separately from the duo’s Blanc/Biehn Productions, with Mark Gantt and Lony Ruhmann (who is collaborating with Blanc and Biehn on Patricio Valladares’ English-language redux of his Chilean shocker HIDDEN IN THE WOODS, and came up with VISITOR’s story) coming aboard as producers. “THE NIGHT VISITOR effortlessly blends the sci-fi, horror and supernatural genres together with a beautiful balance of charm, humor and irony,” Gantt says. “I’m super-excited to be a part of Jen’s directorial debut; her vision and passion are leading the charge.”

The movie, scripted by HIDDEN’s Bradley Marcus and Kevin Marcus, is set to roll April 4 on Los Angeles locations, with many of Blanc-Biehn’s past collaborators pitching in to help out. “In my maiden voyage as a director, I feel fortunate to have such passionate friends and co-workers that have stepped up to the plate to bring this vision to life,” she says. Among them is Brianne Davis, Blanc-Biehn’s co-star in Danielle Harris’ directorial debut AMONG FRIENDS, who will star as the mother of a 6-year-old boy being terrorized by an alien being. “I’m totally thrilled to be working with Jen on her directorial debut,” Davis says. “THE NIGHT VISITOR is such a great concept and I love the character I’m playing; she’s strong, passionate and desperately wants to save her marriage and protect her son.” Blanc-Biehn herself co-stars along with Gary Cairns, Gantt and Tara Buck.

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