Jesus is coming and He is pissed in exclusive “PRINCE OF PIECES” art


“For two thousand years you’ve been eating his flesh and drinking his blood…now it’s His turn!” So goes the tagline for PRINCE OF PIECES, a graphic novel targeting an early-2014 release date. Read on for exclusive art samples and comments from its creator.

Creator Sam Miserendino tells us that the comic “is a satirical horror story about the return of Jesus Christ. In PRINCE OF PIECES, the Son of God is mad as hell, and he disposes of sinners great and small with Biblical panache. Those He encounters suffer gruesome fates: Some are afflicted with leprosy and stigmata, while others are turned into pillars of salt. Since it would make the perfect basket stuffer, we want to make sure PRINCE OF PIECES is available in plenty of time for Easter.”

The long-in-the-works project was illustrated and colored by Colin Blanton, who describes his color scheme as his “love letter to WATCHMEN.” “Colin did an incredible job bringing the story to life visually,” Miserendino says. “I was particularly impressed with his ability to bring Jesus’ Biblically inspired kills to life. I’ve often heard the saying ‘Don’t pluck a splinter out of your brother’s eye when you have a log in your own,’ but I never appreciated how really painful that would be until I saw Colin’s rendering of it.

“Once the penciling was completed, Mike Odum came on board to do the lettering,” Miserendino continues. “Mike’s gift for  capturing the agonized scream of someone being stricken with leprosy or turned into a pillar of salt is unparalleled. Mike also provided invaluable creative input. I’ve been very fortunate to have had the benefit of receiving great suggestions from Jello Biafra [of the Dead Kennedys] regarding the story as well. Jello, who has taken an interest in the project since its inception, has offered ideas for dialogue that we’ve incorporated into the story. I’m also honored to have been given permission by [Pink Floyd’s] Roger Waters to use a line from his song ‘What God Wants.’ ”

Head over to the official website for more info and to hear Biafra read the role of The Reverend, and see the graphic novel’s Facebook page here.





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