Jesus Lizard singer hangs with “UPSIDEDOWN CROSS”


David Yow of the alternative rock band The Jesus Lizard is taking a turn into the genre by starring in UPSIDEDOWN CROSS, an independent horror feature going before the cameras soon.

UPSIDEDOWNCROSSNEWS1Directed by William Hellfire, of such underground outrages as DUCK! THE CARBINE HIGH MASSACRE and THE DEVIL’S BLOODY PLAYTHINGS, from a script he wrote with punk rocker Mike Hunchback, UPSIDEDOWN CROSS features Yow as a rogue preacher called upon to save a drug-addicted girl named Nadine (Erin Russ, pictured right) from apparent demonic possession. Unfortunately, the would-be savior turns out to be something of a devil himself. The cast also includes Colleen Cohan, East Coast horror fave Tina Krause (BAD BIOLOGY, EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS), Charles Moran, Mark DeMicco, C.J. Marko and adult film star Rick Savage; John Dickie is creating the makeup FX. UPSIDEDOWN CROSS will be lensed on New Jersey locations beginning later this month, and is currently seeking crowd-funding via Indiegogo. Check out the movie’s Facebook page as well.


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