Jim VanBebber Crowdfunding “GATOR GREEN” Feature


Jim VanBebber’s short GATOR GREEN, originally released on the special edition Blu of his THE MANSON FAMILY earlier this year, is on the way to realizing its original vision of running feature length.  Together with Stephen Biro and Scott Gabbey (who both worked on the short film), VanBebber is seeking new funds, via IndieGogo, to launch a brand new company that will enable them to seek the full investor money for the feature.

GATOR GREEN is a “70s-styled horror thriller about a crazed Vietnam veteran who returns from the war to take over the operation of an alligator farm in Florida. Much madness, mayhem and murder ensue.” The previous short film is actually a segment of what will be the eventual whole of GATOR GREEN. It’s a delirious, violent frenzy with far more psychedelia and madness than the director’s acclaimed previous work, alternating between delusion and lucidity in a fantastical vision of 1970s southern culture and crime.

What makes this intriguing is VanBebber’s loyal fan base and recognized talent as an independent artist. While there are indeed many struggling independent filmmakers asking for money right now, few have been able to create films as brazen and inspired as VanBebber with similar resources.

Listen to VanBebber, Biro, and Gabbey describe their idea, and if you’re so inclined, donate to the project here.

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