“JOHN DIES” star, Stivaletti join “THE DEMONIACS”


We first gave you the scoop here about a Eurohorror-inflected project called THE DEMONIACS, and now we’ve got an update on the movie, including confirmation of a fun bit of casting from a recent cult favorite and a top FX talent joining the team.

Writer/director Brian Feeney gave Fango the first word that Chase Willamson (pictured above), star of Don Coscarelli’s JOHN DIES AT THE END, has signed to star as John Thompson, with Ellary Porterfield playing John’s wife Marnie. The story sees the Thompsons embroiled with a coven of witches, who originally dwelled in France but have made a move in the latest iteration of the screenplay. “The film was delayed for a number of reasons,” Feeney tells us, “and I took advantage of the downtime to continue working on the script and storyboarding ideas. The new draft, now set in Italy, is much more violent and action-heavy then the previous version that was set in France. Shooting is expected to begin in Rome during the last week of October.

“Bai Ling is still playing the warrior witch Vida, and Mark Dacascos is interested in playing male warlock Francois,” he continues. “It looks like Juju Chan [who co-stars with Porterfield in the upcoming martial-arts actioner FIST OF THE DRAGON] will be playing the Chinese flying witch Feiyan, a.k.a. Flying Swallow. Isabella Rossellini and has been approached for the role of the lead villain Euryale; and Rupert Everett has been approached for Inspector Lombardi; we’re currently in talks with several major Italian film stars for other roles. Dominique Pinon was originally cast, but he will be performing in a play during the time of shooting. And Dario Argento’s main effects man, Sergio Stivaletti, will be providing the gore for the film’s outrageous murder setpieces. An American effects artist, Jeff Farley, will be designing the animatronic creatures.”

Italian cinematographer Timoty Aliprandi has also come aboard THE DEMONIACS, which is being produced by Roberto Bessi of FROM BEYOND and other Empire pictures. Feeney further informs that the film’s tagline is “Torture, death and destruction reign supreme in the ultimate castle of evil!”—which sounds nice and Euro to us. Stay tuned for further details.

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