Keep watching the skies! “SKY SHARKS” are coming!


Apparently, some sharks don’t need a tornado to take to the air.

Screen Daily reports that Raven Banner Entertainment has grabbed worldwide rights to SKY SHARKS and will begin selling the film at Cannes. Marc Fehse directed what’s described as a “mutant shark-infested, Nazi zombie creature feature” scripted by A.D. Morel, in which Antarctic geologists uncover an experimental Nazi lab and accidentally unleash modified flying sharks piloted by undead superhumans. To combat the threat, a squad known as “Dead Flesh Four”—soldiers killed in Vietnam who have been reanimated—is called in. The better-than-expected cast includes character actors Robert LaSardo and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Nick Principe from the LAID TO REST films, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII’s Lar Park Lincoln and THE CRAZIES’ Lynn Lowry.

“Our relationship with B-films goes a long way back,” Fehse tells the trade. “It was about time we made one of our own that uniquely blends CG with quality practical effects. Although you might not see this one coming, we actually intend to take our story and the audience seriously while having a blast at the same time.” We’ll let you know any more we find out about this one!

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