Exclusive short film: Jack Ketchum’s “MAIL ORDER”


Screamers Vol 1: MAIL ORDER
Eric Shapiro | USA 2011 | 16min.
Curated by Tony Timpone, FANGORIA

Our first offering in the SCREAMERS program, MAIL ORDER, comes from a short story by one of the masters of literary terror and suspense, Jack Ketchum (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, RED, THE LOST and THE WOMAN). Written and directed by RULE OF THREE’s Eric Shapiro, MAIL ORDER follows a Wall Street trader who is obsessed with snuff films and thinks he sees an old girlfriend starring in one. The movie toplines Lee Schall and Cerris Morgan-Moyer and was produced by Rhoda Jordan. Ian McGlocklin-Sinclair shot the minifeature, with editing by Randy Stoudt. Please note that MAIL ORDER contains nudity and is recommended for mature audiences.

Besides MAIL ORDER, we are also presenting NOBODY LOVES ALICE filmmaker Roger A. Scheck’s INSIDE THE PLAIN BROWN WRAPPING, a featurette featuring in-depth interviews with Ketchum and the other creators of MAIL ORDER. The subjects discuss women in horror and truth vs. fiction. Stay tuned for more short-film SCREAMERS right here!

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photo credit: Roger A. Scheck


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