Kevin Smith teases “TUSK” terror


Fans of RED STATE, director Kevin Smith’s first venture into horror, were elated earlier this year when Smith announced he was going to take on another genre film, TUSK. With filming set to finish on Friday, Smith has unveiled the first look at its titular walrus-human hybrid.

Starring GRINDHOUSE/PLANET TERROR’s Michael Parks, JEEPERS CREEPERS’ Justin Long, THE LAST STAND’s Genesis Rodriguez and THE SIXTH SENSE’s Haley Joel Osment, TUSK follows a podcaster (Long) who finds and answers a bizarre classified ad from an eccentric hermit (Parks), only to find himself victim to the hermit’s deranged desires. Set to be Smith’s penultimate feature before he calls it quits with the one-two punch of his hockey miniseries HIT SOMEBODY! and his supposed directorial swan song CLERKS 3, the movie was spawned from an enigmatic (and hilarious) classified ad from the UK that led to a joking riffing session between Smith and producer Scott Mosier about the “movie” on their SModcast podcast. In the anatomical sketch below, which Smith revealed on his Twitter feed, the filmmaker shows off the genuinely unnerving physics behind the transformation of a man into a walrus. Bone restructuring, body modification and sickeningly detailed musculature is on display, giving an idea of just how queasily freakish the outcome could be. Smith has previously described the film as “a cuddly version of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE,” and no one can accuse him of not going at the idea full force.

Smith hopes to have TUSK ready for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, though it’s unknown to whether he plans to distribute the film as a traveling road-tour attraction, à la RED STATE.


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