Kickstart “TWO PLEASE”, The New Horror Short Featuring Michael Berryman!

Some of the most impactful films ever made have had minimal or no dialogue, relying instead, with often impressive results, on unique camera angles, timing, stylistic choices, and the talent of their actors. Such is the case with Writer/Director Jesse Burks’ popular horror short ONE PLEASE, as all six minutes of this mesmerizing film were completed with absolutely no dialogue. Calling on the experience of veteran horror actor Michael Berryman, Burks was able to achieve some memorable moments utilizing the actor’s innate ability to say so much with a simple facial expression.

“I never thought in a million years I would get Michael Berryman for this film – he’s absolutely a horror icon. But, I took a chance and reached out to his agent and within 2-3 months I was picking him up at the airport,” says Burks.
With the film being chosen as an official selection of multiple festivals in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom within four months of being shown, Burks knew he was definitely onto something big and has said that the one question he is constantly asked since the film first appeared in January of 2014 has been, “When is the next ONE PLEASE?”
Apparently fans won’t have to wait long to get their answer, as a Kickstarter is already in the works to fund the making of the second film in the series TWO PLEASE. This new horror short will be a sequel to the first and also stars horror icon Michael Berryman.
One Please-still1
“Working with Michael Berryman has been awesome. He is one of the most accommodating, down-to-earth, and talented people I have been around,” says Burks. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have been surrounded by such a talented cast and crew – the success of the first film, One Please, is due to their abilities.”
ONE PLEASE introduces us to a stereotypical looking 50’s suburban family living quietly in their small, PLEASANTVILLE style town. But small glimpses are revealed of something not so right, and this charmingly gruesome little tale just gets more twisted and twisted. With the second film already written and just waiting to be funded, Burk promises fans that TWO PLEASE will be “even weirder.”
If you would like to help TWO PLEASE get made, visit the film’s Kickstarter—which ends Wednesday, Sept 17https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/twoplease/two-please-with-michael-berryman. For more information you can visit the film’s official site: http://www.onepleasethefilm.com , and enjoy the teaser trailer for ONE PLEASE below.

One Please – Official Trailer from 6512 Films on Vimeo.

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