Kier-La Janisse and Spectacular Optical IndieGoGo for “KID POWER!”


Acclaimed author, programmer and Fango contributor Kier-La Janisse (HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN) and Canuxploitation! scholar Paul Corupe have a permanent home online at the great Spectacular Optical. In addition to hosting psychotronic film writing however, the site is gearing up to serve as a base for a line of cinema-centric books and the first of which, focusing on child empowerment in film and television, is ready for publication. It just needs a little help.

Featuring work from Janisse, Canuxploitation!’s Paul Corupe, Australian filmmaker Briony Kidd, Empire writer Owen Williams (who penned our History of British Folk Horror), esteemed programmer and producer Zack Carlson, FANGORIA Editor Chris Alexander, Fango writer Cheryl Singleton and more, KID POWER! spans genres and the globe in its exploration of rad tykes.

Premiering this July at Montreal’s annual Fantasia Film Festival, KID POWER! will be full-color, heavily illustrated and the first in an ongoing anthology. In anticipation of its debut, Janisse and Corupe have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to act as pre-sales of the book, with ‘some cool perks for those who want to spend a bit more in support of the newly-established boutique label.’

For example, “For only $15 you can get a regular edition of the book, while $25 fetches you a Deluxe Edition which comes with a compilation CD of theme songs, jingles and interstitials. For completists, there’s the KID POWER Collector’s Set for $150, which features not only the book and CD, but also a ‘Child Power’ T-shirt inspired by 1978’s Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, a ‘Vampires never apologize’ button (from German-Canadian TV show The Little Vampire) and a real, rideable, Canadian maple skateboard deck in honor of Kenny Easterday, the half-bodied star of Claude Gagnon’s 1988 docu-drama Kenny, aka The Kid Brother. The skateboard deck is designed by Jay Shaw, who will be familiar to collectors through his work for MONDO and DEATH WALTZ Records.

Here’s the thing: This is totally exciting and very much worth supporting. Janisse’s HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN, Corupe’s Canuxploitation and Carlson’s DESTROY ALL PUNKS!!! are all essential work for those even mildly interested in genre, cult and obscure film, and fascinating cinema in general. With just those three on board, KID POWER! should be on your radar. With the likes of Trembles, Kidd and our own Chris Alexander, it guarantees a great time.

What’s more, as Janisse writes on the IndieGoGo page, pre-production is largely finished on KID POWER! What a contribution guarantees is your very own copy, as well as supporting the work of everyone involved. Janisse continues, “The funds raised here will go specifically toward printing costs and artist fees – not only designer fees, but all contributors to the book (with the exception of myself – part of my own contribution) will receive royalties on every copy sold. Part of our goal with Spectacular Optical is to create a small but sustainable business that is able to pay artist fees to the many awesome (and often underpaid) writers and graphic artists working in our field, and to give them books they are proud of.”

You can find the full list of contents, and the campaign video for KID POWER! below.

• It’s a Yorkshire Thing: An Interview with David Bradley of KES – by Kier-La Janisse

• After-School Shootout: The Lowry Brothers’ HAWK JONES – by Paul Corupe

• Bad Hair Day: Producer Rock Demers on THE PEANUT BUTTER SOLUTION – by Bret Berg

• Curley and his Gang: The Laughably Short Life of Hal Roach’s Second Kid Comedy Crew – by Zack Carlson

• They Can See In The Dark:  An Interview with Richard Nielsen, Writer/Producer of THE LITTLE VAMPIRE – by Cheryl Singleton

• Motherless Child: The Power and Poetry of THE UGLY LITTLE BOY – by Chris Alexander

• They Let Me Keep a Crocodile: A Conversation with Stephen Rosenberg, Child Star of 1978s JACOB TWO-TWO MEETS THE HOODED FANG- by Zack Carlson

• Memories of THE CHILDREN OF TIMES SQUARE – by Robin Bougie

• Dear Judy: Australian Girlhood Mythologised  – by Briony Kidd

• Cosmic Rays and Mind Travel: Anthony Read’s CHOCKY Trilogy – by Owen Williams

• Knowing is Half the Battle: An Interview with ABC Afterschool Specials Producer Martin Tahse – by Kier-La Janisse

• A Who’s Who of ABC Afterschool Specials – by Kier-La Janisse

• Stinky: Abbott and Costello’s Resident Man-Child – by Robert Dayton

• Motion Picture Purgatory: KENNY, THE KID BROTHER (1988)- by Rick Trembles

• Kids Flicks Are No Laughing Matter – by Jesse Hawthorne Ficks

• Ann Turner’s CELIA: They Kill Rabbits, Don’t They?- by Briony Kidd

• Nicoletta Elmi: Italian Horror’s Imp Ascendent – by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Craig Martin

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