“KILL, GRANNY, KILL” cuts up on limited-edition VHS/DVD pack


The ’80s-style cover art (created by Marc Schoenbach) for Bloody Earth Films’ upcoming KILL, GRANNY, KILL has proven so popular that its retro nature is being further honored with a special VHS edition being released with the DVD.

KILLGRANNYKILLVHSNEWSKILL, GRANNY, KILL, the latest from indie filmmaker Jacob Ennis (STASH, RED RIVER), follows a young woman named Abby (Alicia Clark) who takes a job caring for elderly Mildred (Donna Swenson), only to find that this old grandmother leads a brood of cannibalistic hillbillies. It’s set for DVD and digital release April 21, and is now also available for pre-order in a Collector’s Limited Edition VHS/DVD combo exclusively from Alternative Cinema. In addition to the separately packaged tape (in a bottom-load sleeve) and disc, the set includes a 22 x 43-inch theatrical poster with Schoenbach’s art and a 6 x 11-inch postcard with alternative artwork and a note by Ennis. Limited to 200 copies, the set is selling for $27.99; the DVD, whose special features are a Thunder Tribe music video and a Bloody Earth Films trailer vault, retails for $19.99. See the movie’s trailer below, and look for a KILL, GRANNY, KILL set visit in FANGORIA #341, on sale in April.

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