L.A.! See George Romero’s “CREEPSHOW” on 16MM this Friday, free!


Across town, FANGORIA will be representing and co-presenting at Beyond Fest’s amazing British Invasion Double Feature of THE BORDERLANDS and Ben Wheatley’s  A FIELD IN ENGLAND, but we’re also taking up residence at regular hangout spot the Jumpcut Cafe on Ventura Blvd this Friday for a tiny, free 16MM screening of the classic George Romero/Stephen King anthology CREEPSHOW!

Uniting legends of macabre entertainment Romero, King and Tom Savini (as well as Ed Harris’ sick moves and Tom Atkins), CREEPSHOW is of course the ultra splendid horror-comics-come-to-life film that birthed “Father’s Day,” “Something to Tide You Over” and more!

Excitingly, Fango and Jumpcut will host the film on 16MM this Friday, October 18 at 7 p.m. for the mean price of free ninety nine. Now, Jumpcut is something of a small venue with delicious food, which means the show will be first come, first served and it’s advised to arrive early.

Full details for the night can be found at the official Facebook event, right here.

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