“LAKE PLACID VS. ANACONDA” to be a thing


In terms of modern day creature features, there are few films as divisive amongst horror fans as LAKE PLACID and ANACONDA. Both box office successes with a devoted cult following, the value of each film has been debated between ardent supporters of campy monster movies and detractors who see them as uninspired studio fiascos, even as their sequels branched out further and further into Syfy Original territory.

And now as the SHARKNADO craze has only further inspired the wave of tragically dull high-concept clashing creature cinema, one can’t be surprised that the producers behind LAKE PLACID and ANACONDA look the squeeze the life out of their properties by putting the giant reptiles against one another.

Announced as a pre-American Film Market appetizer for genre fans, the film, tentatively titled LAKE PLACID VS. ANACONDA, is already well into pre-production, looking to film this December in the DTV-friendly country of Bulgaria. Casting is currently underway, and as both films’ extended franchise entries have been in Sony’s Home Media line with Syfy Channel premieres, one can assume that this won’t be a star-studded affair to bring the killer snakes and crocs back to the big screen.

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