Lamberson nabs “BASKET CASE” star for “DRY BONES”


Kevin VanHentenryck, star of Frank Henenlotter’s BASKET CASE trilogy, traveled to Buffalo, New York last weekend to film a role for DRY BONES, the new comedy horror film written and co-directed by Gregory Lamberson (SLIME CITY and SLIME CITY MASSACRE) and Michael O’Hear.

VanHentenryck plays Bart, an abusive family man who loses his patience when his son Andy (Mark Goodfellow, son of Fango photographer and BLOOD FOR IRINA co-producer David Goodfellow) claims a monster is taunting him from under his bed.  The sequence co-stars Buffalo stage actress Kim Piazza as Linda, Bart’s beleaguered wife, and Lamberson’s daughter Kaelin as Bart’s daughter Becky. Sam Qualiana, director of SNOW SHARK: ANCIENT SNOW BEAST, serves as cinematographer and Arick Szymecki and Rod Durick provide the special make-up FX.

“Kevin and I worked together briefly on BRAIN DAMAGE back in 1987, but never really spoke until we were both guests at Horror Realm in Pittsburgh,” says Lamberson.  “We’re obviously both of the same era, and it was great having him in the film.  He and Kim Piazza worked well together and formed an immediate bond with my daughter Kaelin and Goodfellow’s son Mark that served the sequence.  They also recorded voice overs for a later sequence, and bits which figure into the film’s third act. DRY BONES is an old school, 80s style horror comedy with practical make-up FX, so Kevin’s fans and mine should dig it.”

The shoot included an additional cameo: young Goodfellow is seen reading a copy of FANGORIA #1, from Lamberson’s personal collection.

“I wanted something that would establish that the opening takes place in 1979, one of the greatest years ever for horror films,” says Lamberson.  “I don’t think anything could have been more symbolic of the time in that context than the first issue of Fango.  It’s the same copy I waited months for when I subscribed to the mag in advance, and now it’s a little worse for wear.  Damn these monsters!”

DRY BONES wraps at the end of this month after co-star Debbie Rochon returns to Buffalo to essay three roles in the film.  Lamberson anticipates completing post production over the summer so the film will be available for festival screenings this fall.

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