The new movie posits that Mary Shelley’s classic novel was actually based on a real scientific experiment gone wrong, and will be available for big-screen consumption early next month. Read on for venue details.

Image Entertainment releases THE FRANKENSTEIN THEORY,
written and directed by Andrew Weiner and executive-produced by THE LAST
EXORCISM scripters Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland, on VOD and in the theaters
listed below March 1. Kris Lemche of GINGER SNAPS, FINAL DESTINATION 3 and MY
LITTLE EYE, Heather Stephens, Eric Zuckerman, Brian Henderson, Joe Egender,
Christine Lakin, Roger Morissey and Timothy V. Murphy star in the
documentary-style saga of a professor who leads a film crew to the Arctic
Circle, determined to prove that the original FRANKENSTEIN is a chronicle of
true events. Needless to say, they run into a real monster amidst the frozen
wilderness. A DVD follows on March 26; see the trailer below the listings.

Cedar Rapids, IA: AMC Star Dubuque 18

Charlotte, NC: AMC Carolina Pavilion 22

Chicago, IL: AMC Loews Streets of Woodfield 20

Columbus, OH: AMC Easton Town Center 30

Dallas, TX: AMC Grapevine Mills 30

Evansville, IL: AMC Evansville 16

Grand Rapids, MI: AMC Star Grand Rapids 18

Kansas City, MO: AMC BarryWoods 24

Madison, WI: AMC Star Fitchburg 18

Oklahoma City, OK: AMC Quail Springs Mail 24

Omaha, NE: AMC Oakview Plaza 24

Phoenix, AZ: AMC Arizona Center 24

South Bend, IN: AMC Showplace South Bend 16

Washington, DC: AMC Potomac Mills 18

West Nyack, NY: AMC Loews Palisades 21

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