Limited Odd City Poster to Accompany Special “TRICK ‘R TREAT” Screening at Beyond Fest


Beyond Fest’s incredible lineup of cinematic terror is almost done taking  over L.A. (and ending my East Coast jealousy), but not before wrapping up with a blowout screening of the now beloved Halloween anthology TRICK ‘R TREAT. A rare big screen bow for the film which was unceremoniously released straight-to-DVD and deserved so much more, the Monday, October 28th closing night will also see a panel featuring writer/director Michael Dougherty and stars Dylan Baker and Brian Cox, as well as a limited edition poster from Odd City Entertainment and James Fosdike. Luckily, that neato piece will sell online in a limited capacity the following day, too. 

100 of the below poster (and 85 of it glow-in-the-dark variant) will hit the Odd City store on Tuesday, October 29, curtailing slightly the envy of those who attend the screening and receive. Artist Fosdike says, “I was very honored to be asked to illustrate a poster for TRICK ‘R TREAT. It’s a wonderfully clever and surprising Halloween film with such an iconic creepy little guy at it’s center. I loved the interweaving storylines, it reminded me a lot of CREEPSHOW, which I loved as a kid. I wanted to put as much of the story as I could on the page, giving the image a comic-book touch with the background panelling, and adding a special frightening touch to Sam. Turn the lights off and you’ll see…”

Luckily, you can also curtail your envy by watching the film and Q&A as they’re live-streamed on Legendary’s Facebook page Monday night. For more on the Beyond Fest evening with TRICK ‘R TREAT, see our interview with Dougherty here.


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